Poultry House Water Filters

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Product shipment is from our plant in Owensboro, Ky. in Western Kentucky.  We ship by UPS Ground.  Most delivery times in the surrounding states are two day.  We have a pickup each day Monday thru Friday according to the UPS schedule of working days.  Your UPS charges are based on the zip code you put in the order form for your delivery address.  UPS charges by weight and distance and in some cases by "dimensional weight".  Dimensional weight is a calculated weight based on the size of the shipping container.  An example would be a box of feathers might actually weigh 5 pounds.  The box size is 16" x 16" x 16", UPS calculates the dimensional weight as 30 pounds and the UPS billable charge would be for 30 pounds.


To initiate a product return or exchange you should first contact our office.  The most efficient means is using email sent to

If possible reference the Order Number, the product and the reason for requesting the return. ( Examples could be 1. Product damaged in shipment, 2. Wrong product shipped 3. Need different product. )

Also reference your phone number, we may need to talk to you if your needing a different product than the one you received.

You may also call us at 270-688-9092, we are not always at our desks, we make the filters, process the orders, get them ready for UPS pick up and occasionally we slip out for lunch to one of the local BBQ pits* for a sliced mutton or pulled pork sandwich with pickle and onion or a cup of Burgoo, so you may leave us a message on our phone, or fax us at 270-691-9830.

We will try very hard to resolve the issue.


Here is our policy.

1. If we shipped you the wrong product(our fault), We will issue a UPS call tag for the return of the product to us.  No cost to you for return freight.  At this point we will ship you the product that was originally ordered, (we pay the freight back to you), or you may request a refund of the product price and freight to you.

2. If you, by mistake ordered the wrong product*, you may return it to us pre-paid.  At your option we can replace the returned product for a new product of equal price charging you only for return freight, with the following stipulation,1. Returned product is returned in new / sellable condition.

If returning for a refund*, a 25% charge for repacking, restocking is applied to the product invoice price of returned re-sellable product and 100% damage charge to product not sellable. For refunds*, outbound invoice freight is not refundable.

3. Product damaged in transit. Call Us as soon as you can, even better, open the package while UPS is still there if you believe the package shows damage, note on the delivery ticket product is damaged. For this to work so you and we don't bear the cost of poor delivery service, 1.We need to contact UPS and file a claim.  UPS sometimes will send out a service person to inspect the packaging. 2. Do not throw away any packaging or the product, they will need to see the damaged product like it was delivered to you. Take pictures if you can.