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Poultry House Water Filters

Water Filters and Filtration Equipment for Poultry and Chicken Farms, Poultry Processing Plants

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  • Poultry Water House Filters- 1/2 to 100 Micron

  • 20 and 50 Micron 10" Poultry House Water Filters $ 1.69

  • String Sediment Filters 

  •    Standard (2.5" OD & Big Blue (4.5" OD)

  •    9.75" 10" 20" 30" 40" Lengths

  • Carbon Filters - Chlorine Removal

  • Iron Filters for Well Water

  • Bag Filters

  • Bag Filter Housings - Stainless Steel

  • Multi-Filter String Filter Housings

  •    Up to 180 GPM Water Filter Housing

  • We are currently developing a long life two stage algae filter specifically for the poultry farmer.          Call us for details.  

A Little History About US:

Poultry Water Filters and Water Filtration Equipment is our area of expertise.  We have been manufacturing water filters since 1985.  Poultry water filters started in 1986 with an order from Perdue Farms for 600 water filters. (We still have the Perdue account). Years later Western Kentucky tobacco farmers switched from tobacco to poultry.  That meant we had to purchase more filter making machines to keep up with the demand for poultry water filters. We now supply almost all the water filters used by the poultry farmers in our surrounding area.  About ten years ago we added the egg side of the chicken industry building a relationship with a national chain of poultry egg producers.  We now ship poultry water filters throughout the Midwest.  We stock 1000's of poultry water filters.  Since your buying direct from the manufacturer we don't think you will find a better price, and our quality speaks for itself or we wouldn't be in business for 39 years.

Free Shipping on all Products

Poultry House Water Filters Manufactured by Filterco Inc.

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We have been manufacturing and selling Water Filters since 1985.

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Filterco Inc.

3250 Alvey Park Drive East

Owensboro, Kentucky